In this week’s edition of the EcoPro blog, we take a look at Gutter Cleaning, our most popular fall service – and all the ways it can benefit you and your property value.

Rain gutters have been around since the earliest days of civilization, dating back to the clay gutters of the Indus Valley in 1500 BC. A more recent and well-known example are the Romans, who used aqueducts to move water all over the city, and engaged in early forms of stone gutters. When the Romans brought guttering technology to Britain in 57 AD, it changed their architecture forever, and the introduction of cheap cast iron during the 1700s ensured that guttering would be available to nearly any property owner who could benefit from it.

While the gutter has seen remarkable proliferation and advances in design over the years, one thing has not changed: the outlet, or the hole at the top of the downspout. It is a relatively small opening when the entire gutter system is considered, but even a very small amount of debris can cause the outlet to clog, potentially causing damage to roofs, basements, and/or landscaping.

Overflow from a clogged gutter often floods the area around the foundation, eroding its surface and seeping into cracks. Over time, this water will widen these cracks, weakening the structural integrity of your home, a process quickened and exacerbated by freezing temperatures. Water in the foundation inevitably finds its way into the basement as well, a development which carries its own set of problems. Spores from wet basement mold puts the inhabitants at high risk of respiratory illness, to say nothing of the damage that can occur to any valuables – electronics, furniture, artwork etc. – that may be damaged should the basement happen to flood.

One of the main functions of a gutter is to keep water flowing off of the rooftop. A clogged gutter combined with freezing temperatures will result in ice trapped on your roof, creating unnecessary weight and stress and potentially leading to the breakdown of the roof structure. This ice can also drive your shingles apart, creating holes that open the way to roof leaks. Overflow from clogs can also cause soil erosion in any gardens or flower beds, washing away plants and undoing quality landscaping work.

EcoPro Power Washing’s comprehensive Gutter Cleaning service can use specialized equipment to clear leaves, branches, roof grit, and grime from any gutter drainage system, preventing damage caused by overflow and discouraging pests from taking up residence in your gutter. Regular gutter cleaning will extend the lifespan of your gutters, roof, foundation, and gardens.

Don’t wait to get your gutters working properly again. Request a quote or schedule a service today!