It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving dinner, snow, shopping, and Christmas Carols are right around the corner. Without a doubt, some of your more ambitious neighbors have started putting up their Christmas lights. How would you like to be the talk of your neighborhood with a dazzling light display, all without lifting a finger? That’s where EcoPro’s Residential Holiday Lighting Service comes in! Take a look at some of these stunning displays:

With EcoPro’s Residential Holiday Lighting Service, you get a Design Consultation so you can tell us exactly what you want the finished product to look like. Our experienced holiday lighting installers will handle the tangled lights, scary ladders, and any other decorations you’d like installed, transforming your house into a bright, beautiful winter wonderland.

We’re happy to help you save time and energy with our holiday lighting services, utilizing commercial grade electrical materials such as UL rated extension cords, adapters, dual battery backup timers, and more. After the initial service is completed, you get Free Service Calls to address any issues or concerns you might have with the holiday lighting services we’ve provided. Enjoy more time with friends and family that would have been spent on the often frustrating and tedious process of decorating your home.

After the season ends, we keep client information on file, so that we can re-install the same design for you year after year – or change it up, depending on what you want! Let EcoPro’s experienced holiday lighting professionals handle your installation from front to back, giving you peace of mind, a great looking home, and more time to do what’s important to you during the busy holiday season! Get a quote today.