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EcoPro® Power Washing

began operation in 2012 and was founded by Seth Humphry.  Seth started the company on the principles of hard work, excellence quality, and top notch customer service.  These are the same driving factors that have contributed to the company’s success and are the same principles the company and its culture embody today!  Utilizing Soft Washing as the primary method of cleaning, EcoPro® is know as the “Soft Washing Specialists of the Southern Tier”. 

EcoPro Powerwashing Truck

Starting out with just a modest trailer rig, Seth ran the business for the first few years on his own.  Talking all the calls, performing all the work, and handling all of the business matters.  The company was incorporated in 2016 and became EcoPro® Power Washing, Inc.

Seth Humphry is standing next to a truck.

EcoPro®  continued its growth further with its first employee Dan Maximowicz.  Dan’s work ethic and positive demeanor have been a driving force for the continued growth and success of the company.  Dan is now the Operations Manager for the company!

Seth and Dan Maximowicz standing in front of a banner.

Since 2016, EcoPro® has continually worked to improve its systems and processes with a focus on providing a Five Star service to its customers and creating an awesome environment for employees to work.  It is with great pride that EcoPro® has earned over 800 5-Star customer reviews and has serviced over 6,000 customers, and the numbers continue to climb!  In 2020, EcoPro® established a trademark and is now formally EcoPro® Power Washing, Inc.  

EcoPro Powerwashing Service Vehicles

After 10 years of experience, it is easy to say that we love what we do and we will continue to look for ways to improve and always strive to make a better company for our customers and employees! 

EcoPro Power Washing Team

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