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Job Openings

Salary:$18/hour based on work experience

EcoPro® Power Washing, Inc.  is scheduling interviews now for Exterior Cleaning Professionals in Vestal, NY. This is a full time Mon-Fri position.

The compensation will start at $18/hour based on work experience, with tremendous potential for increased pay. Other aspects of the compensation package include:

  • Performance  Bonuses
  • Paid time off after on-boarding and probationary period 
  • Paid holidays

There will be many applicants, but only a select few will receive an interview request. To find out how to be in this small group of finalists, read the below, in its entirety.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to work with a team that appreciates you? How awesome would it be to work alongside a team made up exclusively of top performers? What if you worked with a company that actually listened to you? What if your boss showed you respect and appreciation every day? And what if that job gave you the freedom and opportunity to reach out for your personal dreams too?

EcoPro® Power Washing, Inc.  is a unique company. We have a mission to provide all of the above to every single person who joins our team. Our company culture is built on WOWing our customers, improving every day, and treating each other like family.

If you are a top performer who’s been overlooked, disrespected or taken advantage of by another employer, EcoPro® might just be the fit you’ve been looking for.

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